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Quick Spanish question:

What word would you use to describe a flush/flushing? This is used in the sense of flushing excess minerals and things from a plant's root systems, like in hydroponics.

Here's an example sentence:
A quality crop needs an effective flush to reach its full potential. Flushing removes heavy elements and salts, allowing for more aromatic and flavorful fruits and flowers. 

Thanks so much.

can anyone translate these lyrics?

Secret love
Let's get together
in secret love ♪

私 達 は 一緒 に 属する
Let's stay together forever ♪
私 の 姫, 好き だ よ から
いつも あなた の そば に いる よ.

ぼく たち の 雲 が 浮かん で
そして ぼく ら 手 を 繋いだ から
私 達 の 愛 は
すべて の 確率 に対して を 生き延びた.

この 夢 は?
キミ と

夢 の 果てしない です
いつも 君 とともに
どこ へ 行こう か? まだ 見ぬ 場所 へ
ユリ パッド の 上 に 浮かん で
タージマハル で

どんな 過去 も どんな 明日 も 感じ 合おう
だから 僕 は 君 の もと に
心配 しない で ください から
いつも 君 とともに

Yes, they're handwritttwen by me. Can you spot any mistakes?

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with the Spanish translation of 'pet' as in an animal. Is there just a single word that it can be traslated into?

Thanks :)
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Hello everyone! I've been trying to translate a profile page of a character from a Japanese magazine, and there's one phrase I'm having trouble deciphering...

May I ask what it means? Thanks a bunch for those who helped out.
Sailormoon - flowers

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 Is there a free spell checker for Spanish that can be added to Microsoft Word?

I was given the Spanish translations to some information, but the person who did it wrote them all in full caps and didn't use any accent marks (I've been told by multiple people that including the proper marks are really important in Spanish). I'm sort of at a loss, since I can't go back and ask to have it done all over again since the person who did them is barely computer literate to begin with (I'm sure he would have no idea how to insert accent marks), and he had to type them up from writing them because I couldn't read his handwriting. 

Any help or suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hello, all. :) My grandmother sent me this lovely wall hanging some months back, and on rediscovering it, I'd rather like to hang it - that is, once I know what it means. All that I can tell you is it appears to be Japanese.

Large image.