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Need this in Filipino

Hey, there, guys! I'm writing a story right now, and I'm having a Filipino mother talking to her son. The phrase I need is something along the lines of "So beautiful, my darling boy." It would be so wonderful to get this translated! <3

Thanks so much!!

Need Help with Italian Appropriateness

I am leaving to go to Italy on Friday. As some people are allergic to bee stings, or peanuts, or seafood, I happen to have a severe allergy to - as best put - land food meat. I was hoping to take with me an index card with this explained in Italian (I speak very rudimentary Italian but do speak both Spanish and International-Act-it-Out) so that I might be able to hand the card to a waiter or to a homestay host and it will communicate

(a) the fact that I do not wish to convey offense as I understand that meat is something to be shared with guests, and

(b) that it is a medical necessity that I avoid meat.

Using my knowledge of Spanish, I changed what English words I put into Google Translate until I got something that I think conveys what I mean to say. I now wanted to have some people who are skilled in Italian look at it and correct the final nuances. I appreciate it.

Also, since it has been so long since I last was able to eat meat (over 12 years ago), I wanted to make sure that I listed all types of meat that are on land. If I missed one, I appreciate you suggesting it.

Thank you in advance!

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enchanted (how do you know)

German Translator Needed


I have written an eBook for Kindle called How to Make your Long Distance Relationship Last!. I would like this eBook in German so that it can be sold on the German site of Amazon. There is no upfront payment for your effort. I am currently receiving 35% royalty rate from Amazon. For the German edition, you will receive 16% royalty rate (almost half of my royalty cut) to be paid to you via Paypal.

I have a permanent account here on livejournal so this is not a fly by night business intended to steal your translated work. Please provide background information (I have a BA from NYU and prefer someone with a BA or with university work as well). Native speakers preferred.

You will also receive line credit (translated by *****)

thank you!

Please translate song, I think it's Hindi?

Hi, if someone could translate the following song I would be so grateful. The song is Indianotech and it's by a Romanian DJ called Mossano, and he seems to just take samples of, I think the language is Hindi, and make music from it.

The woman singing says some random words throughout the song, then at 1:27 she sings a short verse, then repeats some words again. Thank you!

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Hello, could anyone help me translate the following sentence from Italian to English?

Una trama forse non originale ma sicuramente reinterpretata nel migliore dei modi.

It's from a book review, I am having trouble working out whether the comment is positive or negative.

DW SPN Angels have the TARDIS


 This isn't for homework, though I've tried looking and asking every place and only managed to get a font so my computer actually shows the language instead of rectangles but...  the online dictionaries for this langauge are lacking.

Does anybody know how to write 'Faruk and family' in Bengali?

Help request with a letter in English

Dearest colleagues,
I haven't been translating into English for ages))) 

Could you have a look at a short passage of a simple letter that I've done and give me your suggestions on how to improve it.

OOO ZZZ Production company on request of “Channel 1” starts working on a documentary film, under the working title “XXX”.

The aim of the film is to tell people about the ways to avoid getting tricked by “virtual frauds” and about government services/state authorities’ actions preventing hackers attacks in future.

In October 2010 FBI officials arrested a criminal cybergroup which had illegally accessed to secret data related to the accounts of a number of companies and used such information for embezzlement of 220 million dollars. However, the hackers failed to complete their plan. They were arrested. By estimate, the total of all losses sustained by companies trough hackers’ fault amounts to 70 million dollars. 22 out of 37 criminals are Russian nationals.

In the age of a global spread of virtual money, the problem of hackers attacks becomes more pressing. Cash payments are now considered as an outdated form of monetary relations. We wonder how such crimes are cleared, who investigates them, how do they get on the trail of a criminal and what kind of proofs are sufficient to apply punishment to guilty persons. FBI officials have been working for a long time to reveal virtual machinations and to land criminals. The acquired recently experience allows to clear the most sophisticated crimes and to create new ways of information protection from criminal intrusion.

In this respect, we kindly ask for your collaboration with this matter.

Thank you in advance! 
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I need the correct translation of a saying

Anyone here know Italian?

I need the correct Italian translation for the saying It's always the quiet ones. My friend says it's È sempre quei calmi and my other friend says it's E' sempre quello calmo and than a electronic translator said it's È sempre la quiete.

What's the correct Italian translation for It's always the quiet ones?
I hope someone can help me.
double exposure

Help with ASL glossing?

Hi everyone. :) I've only been in ASL I for a few weeks but I really enjoying learning how to sign songs. We have a project we have to do at the end of the semester so I'd like to get started a little early. I've never attempted to gloss the lyrics of a song before, so if anybody is proficient in ASL I'd really appreciate your help!

I'm doing The Only Exception by Paramore. I've attempted to gloss the first few lines... but my teacher mentioned it needs to be in correct ASL grammar (not signed in exact English) and I feel like I'm having a little trouble getting the grammatical order correct.

So far, this is what I have:

When I was younger I saw my daddy cry

and curse at the wind.

He broke his own heart and I watched

as he tried to reassemble it.
HE TRY TO FIX (?) HEART **--- is it fix or put back together? Or literally reassemble? I couldn't find reassmeble on ASL pro, just fix.

And my momma swore

that she would never let herself forget.

I will put the remaining, un-glossed lyrics under the cut. I'm new to this community so if I'm asking for too much mods, please let me know and I will happily delete the post. :) Thank you! I'm just hoping on some feedback on how I could correct arrange the grammar for the remainder of the song and/or fix what I currently have done. xD

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