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If translation is your career.. a short interview

Hello, all! My name is Dillon and I am a college student enrolled in a career exploration class. For several years I've thought about translation as a career option and one of our assignments is to interview an individual from a career of our choosing. This has been difficult to do in person, so I thought it might work better online and perhaps I can get the opinions of more than one person.

For this interview, I'd prefer the respondents to be those who were raised speaking only one language - preferably English. The reason for this is that English is the only language I was raised with and learning the second language is a very big process that, as you'll see in the interview questions, will affect how and how quickly one can begin translating. If you were not raised with English but another language, but still feel your input would be interesting, then do not hesitate to participate.

You may reply directly to this message or send me a private message. Also, if there is a question you cannot or do not want to respond to, feel free to skip it. Please include very basic personal information: First and last name are not necessary, but if you can include even just your initials that would be a nice. Also include your age, location, and how many years you have been translating professionally.

1. What are the greatest benefits of working as a translator?

2. What are the greatest challenges?

3a. What is your education and training background?

3b. Translation requires fluency in a second language. Before you attained this fluency, did you do any other work that is related to translation?

3c. If you attended university while majoring in a linguistic/language related field, but did not attain fluency in a second language after graduation, what kind of work did you do between graduation and attaining fluency?

4. Did you do any freelance translation?

5. Many positions in this field are temporary. Can you explain about your experiences of finding new work after a job is finished?

6. Jobs in this field also tend to be spread across the country, even the world. How long have you been able to stay in the same location?

7. When living in your home country, besides translation, what else do you do to preserve and develop your command of the second language?

8. Do you typically work at home or in an office setting?

9. Do you recommend being part of any professional guilds or unions?

10. Would you mind giving a rough average of how much you make in a month, excluding income from any other source that is not translation?

11. What sort of translation work do you typically do (please include type of work and which languages)? What work do you prefer/enjoy?

12. Can you tell me any general tips and strategies for succeeding in this field?

Thank-you to all who respond!

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