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French Help. (Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît).

Hello everyone. I'd really appreciate some help with this. I wrote a poem in French class when I was in high school (over 13 years ago) and my teacher kept the corrected version of it. So all I have is the rough draft with all kinds of mistakes. I'd really appreciate some help. Here goes:

1). "Dans un café dans Paris assied un homme." Is "dans" correct here? I mean to say "In a cafe in Paris sits a man." Would I use "dans" for both "in"s here? Or should one be "Dans" and one "a" or "en"?

2). How do you say something like, "They whisper about him."? I'm afraid my word for "About" literally means "around" rather than "in reference to". I have: "Les autres chuchotent de lui." Not sure this is correct.

3). Or...a better sentence would be "Those around him whisper in inquiry." How would one say that?

4). How would one say "at all"? Like, "He is not interesting at all" (meaning, in any way). I have: "Il et n'intéresse pas du tout."

And lastly:

5). I have "Et pendant que leurs conversations changent un homme reste pareil," (which I mean to say: "And while their conversations change one man remains the same."

Again, I'd really appreciate any help! I've wanted to correct this for YEARS. I still can't believe my teacher wouldn't give me back the corrected version. Thanks in advance! Merci beaucoup!

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