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English --> French 
03:49pm 08/12/2013
  Hi everyone,
I'd be delighted if anyone could correct my attempt at translating the following:
"English-language proficiency is key to professional and academic success, and is invaluable when traveling throughout the world. I am an English-language tutor living in the United States who offers lessons to both children and adults, from early learners to advanced students. I help learners to achieve fluency in comprehension, writing skills, and pronunciation. As a doctoral candidate, I have an excellent command of the language and am familiar with multiple approaches to teaching a foreign language.

My schedule is very flexible and the classes are held over Skype. The accepted payment method is PayPal.

References available upon request."

Here's my attempt:
"La compétence en anglais est la clé du succés professionnel et académique, et elle est d'une valeur inestimable quand on voyage internationalement. Je suis une tutrice d’anglais qui habite aux États-Units et offre leçons d’anglais aux enfants ainsi que adultes, de débutants aux étudients avancés. J’aide des étudients atteindre  […], l'expression écrite et la pronociation. Comme une doctorante, j’ai une maîtrise excellent de la langue et je connais approches multiples en matiére d’enseigner une langue étranger.

Mes heures sont très flexibles et les leçons sont tenues sur Skype. La mode de paiement que j’accepte est PayPal.

Références disponibles sur demande."

Many thanks in advance!
Need some help! 
09:55pm 14/11/2013
  Hello, I'm going to U.S.consulate to apply nonimmigrant visa next week. I wrote a essey in English to make it easy. Could anyone correct my errors and make it better please ;-) ?

Here is my essay!

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Looking for translators 
01:46pm 12/12/2012


My name is Zina, I am a member of the “iTrex” translation agency (Moscow, Russia, http://itrex.ru/en/)

We are now looking for English native speakers, who have experience in translating medical texts from Italian into English. If you are such a specialist, please write me back (zina@itrex.ru) and specify your rates.

We also need German, French and Spanish native speakers, who can translate medical texts from Italian into their native languages.  

An ability to work with AutoCad would be an advantage.

Best regards,


Translating fanfiction  
11:13pm 07/11/2012
mood: anxious
Hi!! I hope this is allowed. I've been looking for a community to ask but I didn't find anything yet. I'm a fanfiction writer, they are in spanish. I would like to have them in english but my english really sucks!!
I have to tell you, my fiction is slash, and my fandoms are Fast and Furious, ATS and BTS, NCIS and SPN (althought I haven't written anything about the last two YET, hehe)

Please, I would love to have someone's help! Please, contact me and I'll give you more information...and cookies!!

P.S: You can find my fiction over fanfiction.net and Archiveofourown as "tamy-blue". 
If translation is your career.. a short interview 
10:57am 10/07/2012

Hello, all! My name is Dillon and I am a college student enrolled in a career exploration class. For several years I've thought about translation as a career option and one of our assignments is to interview an individual from a career of our choosing. This has been difficult to do in person, so I thought it might work better online and perhaps I can get the opinions of more than one person.

For this interview, I'd prefer the respondents to be those who were raised speaking only one language - preferably English. The reason for this is that English is the only language I was raised with and learning the second language is a very big process that, as you'll see in the interview questions, will affect how and how quickly one can begin translating. If you were not raised with English but another language, but still feel your input would be interesting, then do not hesitate to participate.

You may reply directly to this message or send me a private message. Also, if there is a question you cannot or do not want to respond to, feel free to skip it. Please include very basic personal information: First and last name are not necessary, but if you can include even just your initials that would be a nice. Also include your age, location, and how many years you have been translating professionally.

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Thank-you to all who respond!

Help with a tatoo... 
12:07pm 24/06/2012
  Hi Friends!
I met this old soul/outsider-artist. As you can see, he's got a tattoo right smack in the middle of his forehead. Can anyone turn me onto the appropriate translation?  THANKS!

10:00pm 10/06/2012

This community has served me really well in the past, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me translate to English texts to Turkish. One is only a paragraph, the other is a bit longer, maybe six or seven paragraphs. I know it's a big ask, but I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could help.

Thanks in advance!

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Japanese to English 
09:51am 22/04/2012
  I would normally throw this into google translator and do a broken translation to get the gist of what this says, however, it's an image file.  I would so appreciate it if anyone could translate this for me, so I can finally know what's going on with or what happened to my favorite Japanese book store.
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Short bit of help..Japanese 
08:43am 26/03/2012
  I'm a single mom, divorced from a Japanese man recently. I've been keeping in contact with his mother about her granddaughter here in America and have been relying on Google Translate for both writing and reading our correspondences. It's not perfect, and I'm sure it makes a lot of mistakes but, well beggars can't be choosers. But today there was part of a message I didn't understand and it seemed to be something important. So I was wondering if anyone could translate it for me?


I really appreciate the help. And I've also got another question. He's sending me divorce papers from Japan soon and I'd rather not sign them without knowing what they say. I wouldn't expect to get any sort of translation for that free, so I'm thinking about going to a professional service. Does anyone have any idea how much professional translations cost? Especially in regards to legal documents? Thanks so much :)
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Chinese to English translate wanted!! 
06:00pm 16/03/2012
  Hello everybody,

I write a lot and fanfic and I want a partner that can help me translate them from Chinese to English

Mainly is because I will be punishing a XMFC fan book in summer, and I really need someone to work that with me.

Please, if you can translate Chinese to English and are willing to help, please content me!!

Thanks a lot!
pokemon translations? 
09:49pm 04/02/2012
  Hey, hopefully this is allowed. I've been collecting translations of the Pokemon Fire Red video game so I can eventually put the translations into the game and make a language patch so people can play it on their computers in their native language (or their hobby language). I've really been aiming to have all the Nordic languages, but the Icelandic translator kinda dropped out and I've never been able to find a translator for Greenlandic or Faroese.

Here's an example: http://mynameisoak.tumblr.com/post/6763874608/oaks-intro

Anyway, just now I've been donated a patch for the game so you can put Faroese, Danish, and Greenlandic into the game. Which means that if someone translates it, you can actually play it afterwards and see the correct characters.

So I was really hoping someone here, or someone you know, could help translate. I have a list of how they used to translate the items (and their descriptions) used in the game in Swedish back when the original games came out some ten years ago, if that would help anyone.


Also, if you want a non-professional Icelandic to English (or Swedish-English-Swedish) translation, you can contact me.
Hello. Bonjour. Hola. Привет. مرحبا 
08:07pm 28/11/2011
  Hello, I am a translator.

I work with the languages french, russian, arabic (modern standard) and spanish.

I can translate from or into any of these languages.

I have started my own LJ page. You can find it here: by_annabelle

I shall soon have my first "Translator's Page" up. Please feel free to post your texts for translating in the comments there.

Fanfiction Translator needed 
04:34pm 30/08/2011
  Hi! I hope this is the right community to ask - i didn't found a fanfic translation comm yet. :/
I wrote several Tokio Hotel (slash) fanfics. They're all in German, I need them in English.
You can find them via fanfiktion.de/u/Anni-Bunny
It will take ages to translate them by myself AND they will be full of mistakes.
If there's someone who wants to help me, contact me and I'll give you more information.
05:28pm 12/08/2011
  I have a 2 sided letter I'd like translating into Turkish from English. I can't offer any payment, but if anyone could help me I'd be so grateful.

Thanks! :)
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Seeking some help 
12:06am 09/08/2011
  Hello all. I am needing some help finding a simple phrase in a complicated language.

Specifically, I need to know how a male speaker of either Urban Jordanian or Native Jordanian would say, "God, help me!" This would be a man in extreme mental and physical distress. I understand that Arabic is a language that is different from place to place, but I would like, if possible, for the translation to be as close to what someone growing up in Amman or the surrounding countryside would say.

Also, for the sake of my terrible monolingual brain, I would need the phrase written with English phonetics.

Thank you very much in advance for any help you can give me.
French Help. (Aidez-moi, s'il vous plaît). 
09:44am 19/07/2011
  Hello everyone. I'd really appreciate some help with this. I wrote a poem in French class when I was in high school (over 13 years ago) and my teacher kept the corrected version of it. So all I have is the rough draft with all kinds of mistakes. I'd really appreciate some help. Here goes:

1). "Dans un café dans Paris assied un homme." Is "dans" correct here? I mean to say "In a cafe in Paris sits a man." Would I use "dans" for both "in"s here? Or should one be "Dans" and one "a" or "en"?

2). How do you say something like, "They whisper about him."? I'm afraid my word for "About" literally means "around" rather than "in reference to". I have: "Les autres chuchotent de lui." Not sure this is correct.

3). Or...a better sentence would be "Those around him whisper in inquiry." How would one say that?

4). How would one say "at all"? Like, "He is not interesting at all" (meaning, in any way). I have: "Il et n'intéresse pas du tout."

And lastly:

5). I have "Et pendant que leurs conversations changent un homme reste pareil," (which I mean to say: "And while their conversations change one man remains the same."

Again, I'd really appreciate any help! I've wanted to correct this for YEARS. I still can't believe my teacher wouldn't give me back the corrected version. Thanks in advance! Merci beaucoup!
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Tsubasablog: Japanese to English translations 
05:40pm 16/07/2011

今日は皆さん~! For those interested in Japanese culture, fashion and much more, I invite you to check out tsubasablog.

Tsubasablog is a project to keep English speaking fans up to date with multi-talented model and personality, Tsubasa Masuwaka, by translating her Japanese blog posts into English. Masuwaka-san's blog features all sorts of things, from her career and pop culture, fashion and beauty, to her family and friends, food, etc. Readers are also encouraged to compare the translation and original entry side by side for studying purposes. :)

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

Mods, if this not allowed, feel free to delete.
Greek to me. 
11:30pm 12/06/2011
   I'm going to be working on a story with a friend and was hoping for a bit of help with a couple things translated into Greek. They seem a bit silly to ask for, but I'd like some authenticity even if it goes unnoticed. 

Firstly, how might one say "Moon Witch" (as in, a witch of the moon, a witch who derives her powers from the moon) in Greek? In Ancient Greek would be even more awesome. 

Secondly, how might you say "familiar"? Not like the adjective, but the noun (http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/familiar, third definition under noun). 

Any help is sincerely appreciated, and thank you in advance. 
quote translation 
07:07pm 04/06/2011
  I was wondering if anyone could translate this quote  "not flesh and blood, but heart which makes us fathers and sons." into French? I assume the flesh and blood part doesn't translate directly but maybe there is a substitute that captures the same idea? If not, I will give up the search. I'm making a t shirt for a friend and want to make sure it makes sense. Thanks!  
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